A totally self-contained, grid independent, platform solution

Beyond Power Technologies provides a green, cost-efficient, grid independent, continuous power solution to the world’s dependence on hydro-carbon energy and alternative solutions that do not provide reliable, and efficient power.
A totally self-contained, grid independent, platform solution, invented by a team of world class scientists and engineers.

  • Intelligent turbocharged magnetic generator with COP about 1~4
  • Battery technology offering a factorial increase in life based on charging/re-charging cycles (more than 50,000 times)
  • Artificial Intelligent/Machine Learning Cloud-native Energy Management Software System:
    . Load Balancing, and power optimization sensing
    . Safety Alerting and Remediation including Fire Detection and, Power Spikes
    . Anomaly Detection
    . Precision Resource Power Planning
    . Advanced Self learning Pattern Recognition

Turbocharged Magnetic Generator
Residential Generator Cabinet

  • 3KW / 5KW / 10KW generator cabinet
  • Network Management Control & Diagnostics
  • Enables selling surfeit electricity back to power grid

Turbocharged Magnetic Generator
Generator Cabinet Wireless Application (30~50KW)

  • 4G/5G base stations
  • WiFi mesh networks

Turbocharged Reflow Generator
Generator Cabinet Wireless Application (30~50KW)

  • 4G/5G base stations
  • WiFi mesh networks

Turbocharged Magnetic Generator
Generator Cabinet Infrastructure Application (10~100KW)

  • LED lights
  • Smart road poles
  • IOT equipment used in smart cities

Turbocharged Magnetic Generator
Power Station (2MW)


  • Continuously generate electricity 24 X 7. No external or back-up power source is needed.
  • Each generator module produces 2MW.
  • 2 MW modular structure can be daisy chained up to 30 MW.
  • Standard container, turnkey system.
  • Intelligent Energy Management control software.
  • Outdoor IP55 protection level.
  • Dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion.
  • Self Extinguishing intelligent fire protection system.
  • Advanced remote security alerts using intelligent sound and light alarms.
  • Remote monitoring and control with AI analytics.
  • Product life of 30 years. Low maintenance.


  • Large location independent power farms
  • Offshore oil platforms
  • Data centers
  • Semiconductor Fabs
  • Factories
  • Hospitals
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Trains and subways
  • Cargo ships, Large yachts and cruise ships
  • Public and private power-grid where local ordinance permits

Turbocharged Magnetic Generator
Micro Generator Module (10W)

  • Very compact size: 36mm x 16mm
  • Continuous power generation 10 Watts (5V 2A)
  • The desired voltage can be output through the boost module.
  • Automatic detection technology allows the micro-generator to automatically start and stop generating electricity needed.
  • Can be used for a variety of products: small mobile device, small medical device, mobile power bank, micro drone. . . and many more